Lightning Talk - Install Your Scala Toolchain with SDKMAN!

14th December 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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SDKMAN! is a tool for managing parallel versions of multiple Software Development Kits on most Unix based systems. It provides a convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) and API for installing, switching, removing and listing Candidates.

The tool aims to ease the life of developers by making installation of their favourite tools a seamless process. No more hacking of PATH and HOME environment variables! We support most versions of Scala, SBT and Activator at this time.

Marco's team believes in eating their own dogfood, and SDKMAN itself is backed by Scala, with all it's API microservices written in your favourite weapon of choice!

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Lightning Talk - Install Your Scala Toolchain with SDKMAN!

Marco Vermeulen

Marco Vermeulen is a South African Software Developer who works and lives in London. He is passionate about writing well crafted code, driven and guided by tests. As a proponent of BDD, he has successfully applied this technique in the Enterprise as well as on Open Source Projects. When he gets a spare moment, he contributes to OSS and is the creator of SDKMAN! (formerly GVM, the Groovy enVironment Manager).