Enabling Choice, Enabling the Market

11th March 2010 in London at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

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a look at the key blockers to the emerging cloud market and how the fole of cloud brokers is essential to making the open cloud market a reality. Through vendor lock-in to commodities vs. exotics a look at the signifcant parallels the cloud market has with todays financial system, and how you play that system to your advantage...


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Enabling Choice, Enabling the Market

Russ Miles

Russ' experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search. With over 18 years experience of consultancy, coaching and training, Russ helps to change all facets of the software delivery process in order to remove unnecessary and costly complexity in everything from developer skills and practices, through applying the right processes for the job at hand, to ensuring that the right change is delivered, be it through software or otherwise.