Zen and the art of build script maintenance

8th July 2010 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at Zen and the art of build script maintenance

In this talk, John Smart will look at general techniques that are applicable to any build scripting technology, as well as some technology-specific tips for Ant and Maven.


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Zen and the art of build script maintenance

John Smart

John is an international speaker, consultant, author and trainer well known in the Agile community for his many books, articles and presentations, particularly in areas such as BDD, TDD, test automation, software craftsmanship and team collaboration. John helps organisations and teams around the world deliver better software sooner through more effective collaboration and communication techniques, and through better technical practices. John is the author of the best-selling "BDD in Action", as well as "Jenkins: The Definitive Guide and "Java Power Tools", and also leads development on the innovative Serenity BDD test automation library. Follow John on Twitter at @wakaleo or contact him through his site: http://www.wakaleo.com10.