Making old projects better

9th August 2010 in London at Skills Matter

There are 1 other SkillsCast available from on Making Old Projects Better and on Cramp

Tim and Chris have been steadily improving how they go about things, getting better at BDD and Scrum, and starting to do a bit of Domain Driven Design. They're going to talk about how they got on, focusing in equal parts on refactoring legacy code bases, improving test coverage, improving processes, and how they convinced stakeholders.


Making old projects better

Chris O'Sullivan

Chris is a New Zealand Ruby on Rails developer living in London.

Tim Cowlishaw

Tim Cowlishaw is a 27 year old London based developer, interested in lots of things, one of which is writing computer software (mostly for the web), and happily the good folk at Harmonypark are willing to pay me to do this.