CQRS, race conditions, and sagas - oh my!

1st November 2010 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at CQRS, Race Conditions, and Sagas - Oh My!

You've heard about Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, but you're not quite sure how to implement certain rules in your system, especially the rules that seem to indicate race conditions between the success of one user's commands, and another's.

Watch this SkillsCast recording of a talk by Udi Dahan and learn a different way of analyzing these rules as well as the use of the saga pattern for implementing them.

You'll never look at a domain model the same way again!

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CQRS, race conditions, and sagas - oh my!

Udi Dahan

Udi Dahan is one of the world’s foremost experts on Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain-Driven Design and also the creator of NServiceBus, the most popular service bus for .NET.