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16th December 2010 in London at Skills Matter

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Serving 6 million hits a day with 30 editors constantly editing content can be complex. Dave and Glenn come from two different teams within Sky who dealt with the problem differently. They will discuss their architecture and how Grails enabled both teams to achieve their goal.


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Design for simplicity

Glenn Saqui

Glenn came to Sky 3 years ago to join a team of agile experts on their road to building Sky's entertainment offering. In his spare time Glenn can be found building Grails plugins, responding to tech questions on the Grails mailing list, or out on a r

Dave Stott

David is a Senior Consultant at Sky, who was brought in to introduce agile working practices to the Sky Homepage Team. As the first developer on the team three years ago he was heavily involved in the initial move to Groovy and Grails, and the early