Beyond Cucumber - management with

24th March 2011 in London at Skills Matter

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Work on big projects (1000 scenarios and more)creates unique challenges in managing and maintaining scenarios. Using tags for attaching meta data information helps to make the scenarios maintainable. To make this possible I have written a tool called - this gives possibility to parse information from feature files and freely aggregate and filter on meta information stored in tags. Together with we are successfully using described techniques in Selleo across 3 different teams since June 2010 - currently on 5 projects.

The experience we gathered during this time and the challenges that we face let us experiment with new approaches in using cucumber. One of them is 'Scenario Impact' (first known as Side Effect).


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Beyond Cucumber - management with

Michal Czyz

Michal Czyż has been working professionally with web applications as developer since 2007 and this allowed me to gather experience pertaining to all steps of valuable system development.