Weeknight Testing Live

23rd March 2011 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at Weeknight Testing Live

In this highly interactive workshop Mike Scott and Sharath Byregowda will facilitate a live weeknight testing session. As participants you will have the opportunity to complete a shared testing mission and share your findings and views with testers around the world.


Weeknight Testing Live

Mike Scott

Mike Scott is Principal Consultant at MagenTys, where he serves as a coach, consultant, trainer, analyst, programmer, tester and tea boy for a range of clients. Mike has 30 years' experience of systems design, delivery and QA on small and enterprise systems. Mike is one of the founders of weeknight testing. He has presented talks and tutorials at various developer and testing events across Europe, USA, Africa and the Far East.

Sharath Byregowda

Sharath Byregowda is an experienced agile consultant with a deep passion for testing and quality, developed through various roles across different domains. He seeks to understand the specifics of each situation, selecting practices that fit the context. He also likes to work closely with developers, testers and other business functions to reduce bottlenecks and improve collaboration.