Feature Injection


24th March 2011 in London at Skills Matter

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Feature Injection is an extention of the BDD family of tools to cover Business Analysis practices. Antony Marcano and Chris Matts will run a game that helps you understand how information flows in a project. The game builds on the idea that all value is in the output of a system. The game allows you to experience why you sometimes need to push rather than pull.


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Feature Injection

Antony Marcano

Antony Marcano has spent the better part of 20 years in technology and innovation. His experience includes delivering mobile apps, streaming media, telecommunications, e-commerce, web apps and more. With nearly 15 years experience of Agile methodologies (before they were called “Agile”), Antony now spends much of his time advising, coaching, consulting and guiding organisations in innovation, agility, lean values and culture, agile product development and agile software-development practices.

Chris Matts

Chris Matts has over 10 years of experience in investment banking including strategy work as a practitioner rather than as a consultant. His specialist areas are real options, IT risk management, business value and agile analysis. He has been working in exotic credit derivatives for the past few years.