Async Methods in C# 5

5th September 2011 in London at Skills Matter

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Asynchrony is becoming increasingly important in an interconnected world. There are many opportunities for writing more efficient code - but until now it's frankly been a pain to do so. Parallel and asynchronous code is difficult to write, understand and debug... but C# 5's asynchronous methods help to at least reduce the burden of boilerplate code.

They allow you to write code in a familiar fashion, with well-defined points of asynchrony, resulting in programs which are understandable by real humans like you and me.

In this talk, Jon explains why the status quo isn't good enough, how asynchronous methods can be used on both the server and the client, and then go under the covers to show how they work.


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Async Methods in C# 5

Jon Skeet

Jon is a software engineer at Google, London. He likes C#, time zones, and the Mongolian Vowel Separator. He is an awesome friend to have at parties, as his interests make anyone else seem fascinating in comparison.