WEBINAR: Stop Doing Agile, Start Being Agile

20th October 2011 in Online at Online

This SkillsCast was filmed at Stop Doing Agile, Start Being Agile

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This online webinar explores activities that an agile leader or executive must "do," starting with four key levers for change: "Do Less," "Speed-to-Value," "Quality," and "Engage/Inspire." Next, the focus will be on how to "Be" agile by being adaptive, being riders of paradox, exploring, and adopting a facilitative leadership style. This session will explore how Adaptive leadership is critical to transforming IT organizations.


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WEBINAR: Stop Doing Agile, Start Being Agile

Jim Highsmith

Jim Highsmith is Chief Agile Strategist. Recognized globally as a founder of the Agile methodology and a co-author of the Agile Manifesto, Jim Highsmith is one of the most sought after strategists that businesses turn to guidance during an Agile tran