Continuous Delivery in the Cloud with CloudBees

8th December 2011 in London at Skills Matter

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Continuous Delivery in the Cloud with CloudBees

Marco Vermeulen

Marco Vermeulen is a South African Software Developer who works and lives in London. He is passionate about writing well crafted code, driven and guided by tests. As a proponent of BDD, he has successfully applied this technique in the Enterprise as well as on Open Source Projects. When he gets a spare moment, he contributes to OSS and is the creator of SDKMAN! (formerly GVM, the Groovy enVironment Manager).

Nicolas De Loof

Nicolas De Loof has been a Java Architect for 14 years, working for French IT services companies. Techno-addict and open source developer, he joined the Apache Maven team in 2007, where he focused on the Google Web Toolkit plugin.