A cloud for developers: Cloud Foundry

8th December 2011 in London at Skills Matter

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Companies large and small are starting to offer cloud hosting for applications. Cloud Foundry stands out as being a developer-oriented cloud platform, from its open source nature to its support for multiple languages and frameworks. It's also incredibly easy to develop and deploy applications to it. Find out what Cloud Foundry is and how it affects the way you write your applications. Then see just how well Grails is supported with a live demo.


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A cloud for developers: Cloud Foundry

Peter Ledbrook

Peter is a long time Java developer and one of the core Grails committers. He has been developing with Grails since version 0.2 (give or take 0.1). He created the GWT Grails plugin as an exercise to see whether it was possible, but it has since grown into something that can support serious development.