Getting started with Cucumber-JVM

4th April 2012 in London at Skills Matter

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At last year's CukeUp, Aslak announced that work had started on Cucumber-JVM - a pure Java implementation of Cucumber that runs on half a dozen JVM languages. A year later, Cucumber-JVM 1.0.0 is released and ready to take the JVM by storm. This presentation shows you how to install Cucumber-JVM, use it with Groovy or Java, and run scenarios from the command line or in your IDE with JUnit.


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Getting started with Cucumber-JVM

Aslak Hellesøy

Aslak Hellesøy is the creator of Cucumber and co-founder of Cucumber Limited. He is a co-author of The Cucumber Book and an early adopter of XP and BDD. Aslak works as a programmer, software architect, business owner and trainer in a variety of industries, including finance, telecom and retail.