Exploring enterprise Java outside of Java EE

3rd May 2012 in London at Skills Matter

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The goal of this session is the give participants a quick introduction into Java enterprise development without using the heavy weight tools and process that come with Spring & Java EE. The session will be a hands on test-driven journey through writing a rich web application using Simple Framework and a NoSQL backend. The session will be based on lessons learnt during the building of a large system for a ThoughtWorks client.


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Exploring enterprise Java outside of Java EE

David Morgantini

David Morgantini is an Agile Coach, Technical Lead and Polyglot developer with over 10 years of industry experience. Currently, David is an independent consultant focusing on pragmatic software delivery. David has worked in a wide variety of industries and companies in both Canada and the UK.

Akash Bhalla

Akash has been a developer/consultant at ThoughtWorks for the past 5 years. Having worked on a variety of projects and client environments across multiple countries he has acquired project experience in Java, .NET and Ruby over this time. He is also