Beginners Track - F# CODE KATAS

5th June 2012 in New York City at Ace Hotel

There are 8 other SkillsCasts available from 2012 Progressive F# Tutorials NYC

Skillscast coming soon.

After learning a bit of F# syntax and programming style, it is time to deepen your skills via code kata exercises. This session will help you shift into the functional mindset and you’ll learn about the functional approach to solving problems.


Beginners Track - F# CODE KATAS

Phil Trelford

Phil is an active member of the software development community, regularly attending and speaking at user groups and conferences, blogging and contributing to open source projects. He is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.

Chris Marinos

Chris Marinos is a software consultant/geek hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. He is also a C(F)# MVP, F#/functional programming enthusiast, (ab)user of LINQ, speaker, code/language guy, video game connoisseur, and tv buff.