Hexagonal Rails

11th June 2012 in London at Skills Matter

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Matt and Steve give LRUG a version of their Hexagonal Rails talk (which they’ll also be giving at SRC and Goruco later this year)

Hexagonal Rails

Matt Wynne

Matt is the lead developer for Cucumber, the popular Open-Source acceptance testing tool. He’s the author of The Cucumber Book, and in 2013 he cofounded Cucumber Limited with Aslak Hellesøy and Julien Biezemans. Their company supports the open-source platform by offering training, consulting, coaching around BDD, lean and agile software development.

Steve Tooke

Steve is an independent programmer, trainer and coach. Passionate about improving his craft and helping others improve theirs. He specialises in helping teams produce business value continuously through improving communication and keeping their code maintainable. BDD is at the core of this process.