1st November 2012 in London at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

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The F# koans will lead you on the path to F# enlightenment. Come with your laptop, an open mind, and willingness to learn. Leave with a better understanding of F#, functional programming, and test driven development. If you're new to F#, you'll learn the basics of the language and get your fingers working writing F# code right away. If you're an experienced F# developer, you'll sharpen your skills by solving problems and helping others in their journey towards F# masteryTutorials Talk content to be confirmed!


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Chris Marinos

Chris Marinos is a software consultant/geek hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. He is also a C(F)# MVP, F#/functional programming enthusiast, (ab)user of LINQ, speaker, code/language guy, video game connoisseur, and tv buff.