Why Groovy when Java 8 (or Scala), or…

13th December 2012 in London at Skills Matter

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…why Groovy has to evolve and market itself in an ever changing world if it is to remain relevant. Java 8 will be a revolution in the JVM-based community, it will bring lambda expressions and a whole new library. Scala is very proud of being where Java is trying to go. Many organizations are already moving to Scala from Java. Many organizations are remaining Java-based. None are thinking of Groovy....


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Why Groovy when Java 8 (or Scala), or…

Russel Winder

Russel is an ex-theoretical physicist, ex-UNIX system programmer, ex-academic, ex-independent consultant, ex-analyst, ex-author, ex-expert witness and ex-trainer. Russel is still interested in programming and programming languages, and all things parallel and concurrent. And build. He's actively involved with GPars, Me TV, and various bits and pieces of SDR. Russel likes working with Python, Ceylon, Kotlin, D, Go, Rust, and C++17.