Park Bench Discussion

13th December 2012 in London at Skills Matter

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Towards the end of the day, just before we kick off the Hackergarten, we'll hold a ParkBench Panel discussion, which will focus on the following (and other) topics: Grails based architectures in the modern web world Concurrency & Parallelism Static compilation for Groovy You will be actively encouraged to join the panel and express your opinion or share your experience!

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Park Bench Discussion

Guillaume LaForge

Guillaume is the Groovy Project Manager. Along with Graeme Rocher, he founded G2One, the company dedicated to sustaining and leading the development of both Groovy / Grails and providing professional services around those technologies.

Peter Ledbrook

Peter is a long time Java developer and one of the core Grails committers. He has been developing with Grails since version 0.2 (give or take 0.1). He created the GWT Grails plugin as an exercise to see whether it was possible, but it has since grown into something that can support serious development.