1st November 2012 in London at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

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Cloud computing has brought immense computational power to the masses without any upfront investment. However, harnessing this power is not for the faint at heart since it can be really challenging, especially when lacking the appropriate tools. This talk will focus on how F# can be used to perform computations in a cloud environment, using distributed actors, Azure Hadoop and the cool F# newcomer, {m}brace. This will be a hands-on approach so bring your laptop with you!


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F# in the CLoud

George Stavroulakis

Executive consultant of Nessos IT S.A. (www.nessos.gr), an ISV which specializes in developing challenging custom solutions. High performance computing, GPU coding, Finite element modelling, jazz guitar playing and car tuning is what I like most

Gian Ntzik

Gian is a developer with the {m}brace project, and a Phd student at Imperial College London. He has had a long history of developing services and enterprise applications in .NET, before being converted to the functional programming faith. Today he uses F# to tackle the challenging issues of distributed computation.