Clojure at Nokia Entertainment

22nd January 2013 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at Clojure at Nokia Entertainment

Clojure is a key language at Nokia Entertainment. One year ago we were beginners; today we have developers working with it almost full-time. We are using it in production and almost all new development has switched over from Java.


Clojure at Nokia Entertainment

Andrew Jones

Andrew has been a programmer at Nokia for five years. He started writing in C# but after a few years decided to spend some time with the JVM. Initially he used Java, but more recently has been focusing largely on Clojure.

Ben Griffiths

Ben is a programmer working for Nokia Music in Bristol. He has been programming since he was young, copying pages of Basic into his Amstrad CPC. These days he's a Clojure / Java programmer and has previously worked for the Discovery Channel and Accen