This Year in Emacs

19th February 2013 in London at The Skills Matter eXchange

This SkillsCast was filmed at This Year in Emacs

Emacs is a great operating system and it has at least 3 or 4 good editors. Will this year be when Emacs starts to become a viable application development lisp? Asynchronous servers, web-sockets, web-servers, threads and continuous build systems are all happening.

Nic Ferrier, responsible for at least some of this tooling and re-assessment takes us through what will be happening this year in the Emacs world. For further information on the basis of the talk, read Nic's blog here and Martin Fowler's talk here.

This Year in Emacs

Nic Ferrier

Nic Ferrier is a British hacker working for ThoughtWorks. He has been programming with EmacsLisp for 20 years as well as more mainstream stuff.