Calling and extending the F# compiler

18th September 2013 in New York City at DUMBO Loft

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This session was not filmed.

In this tutorial, we’ll look under the cover of the F# compiler. We’ll explore how editors and tools can call the F# compiler API to parse and type check F# code.

This session will be useful if you want to integrate F# in your favorite editor or if you want to write service F# snippets http://www.fssnip.net/ We’ll also talk about the key components of the F# compiler and how you would go about extending the F# language itself. Don will give you a developer overview of the compiler and Tomas talk about extending the F# computation syntax with experimental extensions like joinads


Calling and extending the F# compiler

Don Syme

Don Syme is an Australian computer scientist and a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK. He is the designer and architect of the F# programming language.

Tomas Petricek

Tomas Petricek is a long time F# enthusiast, using F# since the early Microsoft Research versions. He has been a Microsoft C# MVP since 2004, and together with Jon Skeet wrote Real-world Functional Programming which explains basic functional concepts using C# 3.0 (teaching F# alongside) and which shows several appealing real-world uses of F# and functional techniques. He also contributed to the development of F# during two internships at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.