Continuous Delivery with ETL Systems

16th April 2013 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at Continuous Delivery with ETL Systems

Continuous Delivery and Agile methodologies tend to focus on product value which manifests itself in discrete end-user features. However, for data-heavy software applications - such as those using ETL - functionality value is typically bound up with delivering a large data set against which the application can operate.


Continuous Delivery with ETL Systems

David Nolan

I've been a Rubyist for 6 years in London, Prague, and Brussels. I've built technical teams and custom software in sectors from financial services to voluntary sector. Now I'm tech lead at Lonely Planet where we're cr

Pete Sinden

Pete has been working at Dr Foster for 5 years. He currently works at Dr Foster Intelligence as the Chief Information Officer where he has introduced and embedded the use of continuous Integration Agile Development Practices.