Code Quotations: Code-as-Data for F#

18th September 2013 in New York City at DUMBO Loft

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This session was not filmed.

This tutorial will cover F# Code Quotations in-depth. You'll learn what Code Quotations are, how to use them, and where to apply them in your applications.

During this session we'll work through several real-world examples to highlight the important features -- and potential pitfalls -- of Code Quotations.

Code Quotations: Code-as-Data for F#

Dmitry Mozorov

Dmitry is an experienced software engineer and F# enthusiast. He has been using F# successfully for the past 4 years in his everyday work to develop different kinds of enterprise software.

Jack Pappas

Mathematician disguised as an F#/C#/.NET/GPGPU/CUDA developer. Princeton, NJ, USA