Getting the Language Right

17th September 2013 in New York City at DUMBO Spot

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This session was not filmed.

In this session, we'll look at the range of language that shows up in Cucumber scenarios in order to identify the sweet spot of just enough detail, just enough abstraction. You'll get hands-on with example scenarios and learn how to identify the same patterns in your own scenarios.

One of the most powerful things Cucumber can do for a software team is help them grow a ubiquitous language. But this depends on scenarios having the right level of detail at the right level of abstraction to be expressive to business people, testers, and developers alike.

Getting the Language Right

Richard Lawrence

Richard is a Certified Scrum Coach and a partner at Agile For All, a consulting firm focused on making software organizations happier and more productive. He trains and coaches software teams and the people who work with them.