14th March 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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In this talk John Hugh's shows us how QuickCheck helped us to model Riak’s behaviour, improving understanding and revealing the occasional bug.

Riak is one of the new breed of no-SQL database management systems, which has begun to replace relational databases for some applications. Riak is a distributed key-value store, inspired by Amazon’s Dynamo, designed for applications where scalability, low latency and high availability are critical. Riak uses replication to provide fast access to data, even when multiple nodes or parts of the network fail. It supports concurrent access to the same data by multiple clients, even when the network is partitioned. All of this makes it very hard to test.


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QuickChecking Riak

John Hughes

John Hughes is co-founder and CEO of Quviq AB, and the originator of Quviq QuickCheck, which is written in Erlang. He was also deeply involved with the design of Haskell from the start, and co-chaired the committee that defined the current languages.