How to please everyone, all the time - lessons in Scala API design

2nd December 2013 in London at Kings Place

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How do you design a library which satisfies a dozen different use cases? How can the same API be ideal for the rigour of a mission-critical production environment, yet still perfect for quick scripting in the REPL?

How can the same methods be equally well-suited to blocking and asynchronous code? How do you design an API which interacts seamlessly with a third-party library that hasn't even been conceived yet?

Jon will answer these questions with the simple application of some of Scala's more advanced features, taming implicits, type classes and type constructors to enable every Scala user (even beginners) to benefit from some cool and cunning new patterns in library design.


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How to please everyone, all the time - lessons in Scala API design

Jon Pretty

Jon has been having fun riding the bleeding edge of Scala for over a decade, and he's not done yet. While he's not travelling the world attending Scala conferences, or organizing his own (Scala World), Jon spends his time working on the open-source Rapture libraries.