Sensor Fusion Between Car and Smartphone

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Watch Gabor Paller's talk on Android sensor fusion for car applications in this video from Droidcon London!

More sensors mean more opportunities for “intelligent” applications that detect changes in their environment and adapt accordingly.

While modern Android phones are equipped with a wide range of sensors, capturing data from machines in the environment already equipped with specific sensors multiplies the possibilities. This talk makes a case for sensor fusion between the Android phone sensors and the sensors provided by an ordinary passenger car.

In this video, Gabor presents an application that processes data from the phone’s accelerometer, compass and gyroscope sensors plus the car’s speed sensor and integrates the result with internet-based services such as Google Maps. Be inspired by this Droidcon London video to start thinking about a platform for supporting these car applications!


Sensor Fusion Between Car and Smartphone

Gabor Paller

Gábor Paller runs the popular 'My Life with Android' blog and has reviewed a number of Android books.