Scala does the catwalk

2nd December 2013 in London at Kings Place

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In this session we will share our experience at Net-a-porter, creating our first reactive Scala/Akka/Spray service in a company with a long-standing Java codebase and production infrastructure.

We've heard how Twitter and LinkedIn adopted Scala on greenfield initiatives and we're excited to use a more expressive language running on a robust, familiar VM. But is the ecosystem ready to support the demands of a long-established enterprise infrastructure, mission-critical (non-Scala!) middleware and the traditional dev-test-release workflow?

We'll start by exposing what drove our decision to dive into Scala. Next: We'll talk about some of the challenges we faced designing, building, load testing and debugging our service. We will discuss some of the patterns we used moving to a more reactive platform, the availability/maturity of the tooling and some of the framework code we had to write. Finally we'll outline the benefits gained through embarking on this project and any prices we have paid for doing so.


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Scala does the catwalk

Ariel Kogan

Ariel is part of the Labs Team of Net-A-Porter. After a long lasting happy romance with Java, he is starting to share the love with other JVM running languages as Scala.

Ian Forsey

Initially joining Net-A-Porter as a Java Developer, Ian has spent the last two years developing with Scala for the Labs Team. This transition has led him to author two open source scala projects and contribute to others such as Spray and json4s.