Groovy Micro Services with Spring Boot

12th December 2013 in London at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

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In this talk David will discuss architecture theory while live coding a series of Micro Services in Groovy (and friends), and show them working in concert to implement a highly decoupled, yet complex, application stack.

Micro Service Architectures have quietly gathered fans and implementations over the past couple of years, as much for their ease of implementation as the incredible adaptability they add to your systems.

The first decision to make is what framework to implement in. If it's HTTP based, there are a plethora of options, if it isn't then you are much more constrained. You assume you will lose the benefits of your investment in Spring and the existing technologies as Spring has historically required a fair amount of setup, what if that weren't the case?


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Groovy Micro Services with Spring Boot

David Dawson

David Dawson takes his passion for design, architecture and philosophy to all their clients, drinks their coffee and gives them Microservice platforms and systems in return.