2nd December 2013 in London at Kings Place

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This talk will outline what Scala macros are, and in what capacity the notion of compile-time metaprogramming can be useful to you, on a series of concrete use cases from research and industry. You will see how Slick, Play, Shapeless, Akka, Pickling, Async, Specs, and others use macros and will learn how to apply those techniques.

Just three months after the first, experimental release of Scala macros in 2.10, we had a Scala team meeting where we decided that macros look good for becoming non-experimental in 2.12. Why go from an experiment to an official part of the language so swiftly? Well, that's because macros are genuinely useful in a wide range of applications, making impossible things possible and tedious things enjoyable.

The beautiful thing about macros in Scala is their natural integration into the language that gives rise to a number of unexpected and handy interactions with other language features. In this talk, you will learn about the most important of such interactions and will understand the mechanisms that underlie them, becoming able to realize the full potential of Scala macros in your libraries and applications.


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What Are Macros Good For?

Eugene Burmako

Eugene works with Twitter Inc and is a member of the Scala team, founder of Scala Macros and Scala Meta.