27th February 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Object-Oriented Programming has well established design principles, such as SOLID. For many developers architecture and functional programming are at odds with each other: they don’t know how their existing tricks of the trade convert into functional design. This problem becomes worse as hybrid languages such as Scala, Java 8 and Ruby become common. Richard Warburton will talk about how functional programming helps you implement the SOLID principles, and how a functional mindset can actually help you achieve the holy grail of OO, encapsulation.


Twins: FP and OOP

Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. Recently he has written a book on Java 8 Lambdas for O’Reilly. He’s worked as a developer in quite varied areas including Statistical Analytics, Static Analysis, Compilers and Networking.