Automated Deployments Tutorial with Octopus Deploy

28th May 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Do you want to learn how to take control of your deployments with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity?

Have you grown tired of copying files and changing config files? Would you like to have confidence that any one on your team has ability to do a release?

Octopus deploy is a lightweight answer to these problems and in this session we will be hands on with:

  • Setting up deployments for websites, a windows services and ClickOnce applications
  • Configure TeamCity for continuous deployments
  • Replacing configuration settings
  • Advanced topics like code signing and deployment powershell hooks


A laptop IIS and FTP service installed


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Automated Deployments Tutorial with Octopus Deploy

Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan is the Lead Developer at SportingInsider.com on the Datamining and Search teams and a London based consultant.