The Binary Compatibility Challenge

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Binary compatibility has been a persistent challenge for the Scala community. This not because we do not take it seriously - in fact the opposite is true. Over the years, the Scala community has developed sophisticated tools and rigid processes to deal with binary compatibility. Yet the problem persists.

In this talk I will explain what binary compatibility means in the Scala context and why it poses such a problem. I will then put forward a possible solution that relies on a new high-level interchange format of typed trees.


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The Binary Compatibility Challenge

Martin Odersky

Martin Odersky is a professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is best known as the creator of the Scala programming language. Prior to that, he made several contributions to the development of Java. He created the Pizza and GJ languages, designed the original version of generics for Java, and wrote the javac reference compiler.