Embracing NServiceBus – Best Practices

26th June 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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In this talk, Roy Cornelissen and Mark Taling are going to look at how NServiceBus and rigorous architectural measures helped turn a slow and unmanageable SaaS application into a faster, more reliable and more extensible system. Along the way, they will explore a range of NServiceBus best practices.

In particular how they embraced the extensibility of NServiceBus to add support for multi tenancy throughout their system. In a deep dive into the technical side of things, Roy and Mark will show how they have extended Saga persistence to deal with multi-tenancy and the use Sagas in a number of different use cases.


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Embracing NServiceBus – Best Practices

Mark Taling

Mark works as a Lead Developer at Info Support in the Netherlands. He as been active with .NET/C# development since 2008, focusing mainly on Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation(/Silverlight) and since 2012 NServiceBus and SignalR.

Roy Cornelissen

Roy works as a software architect at Info Support in the Netherlands. With over 14 years of experience in IT, Roy has designed and built many enterprise systems using Microsoft technology and SOA building blocks like NServiceBus.