AWS at scale

8th April 2014 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at AWS at scale

Would you like to take an in-depth look at services available on the AWS cloud? Join LJC for an evening of tips and tricks, presented alongside code snippets and live demos based around infrastructure and platform as a service.

Infrastructure and platform as a service are rapidly growing as means to provide highly available, fault tolerant and hugely scalable applications. along with strategies, best practices, code examples and demos to allow you to successfully deploy, maintain and monitor mission critical applications on AWS.

Designing your architecture and application with the cloud in mind. Little-known perks of EC2. Security and AWS cloud networking; data storage and distribution; messaging and monitoring. Handling large amounts of AWS resources and templating architecture.


AWS at scale

Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander is a Developer Experience Engineer at, and architect of their all-AWS cloud hosting. He has spent the last two years provisioning, monitoring, scaling and managing countless AWS resources while ensuring the platform has high availability and durability.