Adventures in early-adoption of open-source code

14th April 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Last year, the ODI found themselves wanting to use the code behind gov.uk for a new project. In this talk James and Sam from the ODI tech team will share their experience of picking up a codebase which was open source, but never really designed for reuse, and what they learned along the way.

Adventures in early-adoption of open-source code

Sam Pikesley

Sam brings 10+ years’ experience as a Linux SysAdmin, and was doing DevOps before he even knew DevOps was a thing. He has worked at a number of startups, most recently Amee where he helped to open up a substantial chunk of environmental data.

James Smith

James is Head of Engineering at Apolitical, an organisation connecting public servants from around the world to share their best ideas. He was previously Head of Labs at the Open Data Institute, and is passionate about using open source and web technology to build a better future for all.