Defining and Improving Standard Teamwork

11th May 2009 in London at Old Sessions House

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Working as a team can be a challenge. It's easy to fall into the trap of owning "your feature" or succumb to ego or deadline pressure and live as the specialist; that person that knows, inside and out, the esoteric dark matter of a codebase.

eXtreme Programming and Lean Software Development give us powerful conceptual tools to break these bad habits and truly start working together as a team. Before we can roll out proven practices such as TDD, Pair Programming, and the like, we need to settle on a set of values that drive our improvement efforts.

We begin with a set of shared and well-known values. In this workshop we'll focus on coaching techniques that build a solid foundation for your team based on values and principles.

Once we're speaking the same language, we'll survey several concrete practices that collude to help groups gel and achieve collective ownership, including (but not necessarily limited to): User Stories, BDD/TDD, retrospectives, Andon and Kanban.


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Defining and Improving Standard Teamwork

David Laribee

David Laribee has trucked in software for over 15 years. He favors collaboration, design thinking, simple, domain-driven design paired with low ceremony process, tools and platforms.