Lock Free Queue Evolution II: Over the Edge

19th May 2014 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at Lock Free Queue Evolution II: Over the Edge

Would you like to venture further down the road to optimised concurrent queues? Join The London Java Community for a follow on from Nitsan Wakart's talk back in March who challenges any finders of further optimisations.

  • False Sharing in 3 flavours!
  • Inlined vs Referenced counters
  • Advanced Ring Buffer mechanics
  • Benchmarking throughput and latency
  • JAQ: an open source effort toward best of breed concurrency tools.

At the end of the talk a free drink will be offered to any finders of further optimizations


Lock Free Queue Evolution II: Over the Edge

Nitsan Wakart

Nitsan is a blogger and a coder with a pedantic passion for performance. His work has spanned army intelligence systems, dot.com era startups, financial institutions and innovative product companies. He is the Lead Performance Eng. for Azul Systems by day (working on Zing, best JVM ever :-)), and main contributor to lock free data structures library JCTools by night.