iOS Automation with Cucumber, Appium and Saucelabs

15th May 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Want to find out how you can set up a Mac OSX for iOS automation? Then don't miss Shashikant's talk!

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This highly technical talk will cover:

  • Introduction to Appium
  • Appium installation and Setup
  • Running Appium Server with NodeJS
  • Setting up your Mobile App for the Appium Test (Local and Saucelabs)
  • Live Demonstration of Cucumber + Appium + Saucelabs


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iOS Automation with Cucumber, Appium and Saucelabs

Shashikant Jagtap

Shashikant is a software professional, he loves automating software delivery using DevOps and test automation tools. Shashikant uses Apple Developer tools like Swift, Xcode, XCTest, Xcode Server. In addition to Open-Source Contributor and is the author of BDDfire (Ruby) and XCFit (Swift) framework.