Strongly Typed Publish/Subscribe over Websockets via Singleton Types

8th October 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Haskell is a language known for its type safety, but just how far can the type system go? In this talk, Oliver will demonstrate how a publish/subscribe protocol implemented over Websockets has grown from using little type information and progressed to well-typed sessions through the use of singleton types.

We'll see how one can get a lot of the benefits of dependent types in Haskell today, and how tools often seen as purely theoretical have very practical applications.


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Strongly Typed Publish/Subscribe over Websockets via Singleton Types

Oliver Charles

Oliver first discovered Haskell in late 2011, mostly curious as to what this radically different language was all about. After successfully type-checking his first program, he was hooked by the language's combination of succinctness and expressivity, and fascinated by the rich amount of theory and rigour behind the concepts.