Netflix + Scala

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Find out the architecture Netflix (producers of such fine entertainment as "Lillyhammer" & "Arrested Development") is using for their next generation device metadata APIs – specifically, the tech stack & development+deployment processes.

We will explore demonstrate real world use cases which make Scala stand out as a choice programming language for for building clean, beautiful, RESTful APIs with tools such as Swagger+Scalatra. Techniques will be demonstrated for producing & consuming JSON (json4s), as well as sending HTTP Requests (Dispatch), using MySQL & Cassandra, and Caching. We will also explore Scala testing frameworks, and how they plug into our larger CI/CD infrastructure, with additional discussions of Netflix OSS components.


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Netflix + Scala

Brendan McAdams

Brendan is a Senior Consultant & Trainer at BoldRadius, where he works directly with clients to help them find success through consulting and training on the Typesafe Reactive Platform.