WTF is Deep Learning?

9th July 2014 in London at Skills Matter

This SkillsCast was filmed at WTF is Deep Learning?

Neither machine learning nor deep learning are new topics, but they have both seen remarkable advancement in the last decade. As is often the case in a rapidly advancing field, new vocabulary is born. Join Jeff Abrahamson for this month's Deep Learning talk.

In this talk we'll look at what we now call deep learning, its origins, and its applications. The talk strives to present the subject to a technical audience with little to no knowledge of deep learning. As adult viewers of Saturday morning cartoons would expect, the presentation will nonetheless strive to provide some amusement and maybe enlightenment for experienced practitioners.


WTF is Deep Learning?

Jeff Abrahamson

Jeff Abrahamson collects advanced degrees while roaming the globe doing computer science and writing software. He currently hangs his (virtual) hat at Google London, where he is called site reliability engineer. In autumn 2014 he embarks on a new chapter in his professional life based mostly in France.