Escaping DSL hell by having parenthesis all the way down

5th August 2014 in London at Skills Matter

There are 2 other SkillsCasts available from Escaping DSL hell, Channelling Pollock and an Introduction to Mori

In this session Tom Hall reimagines netlogo and geomlab as Clojure DSLs. Join Tom to see how embedding them in Clojure makes the implementation easier, gives greater power to the user and enables extension.

Domain Specific Languages, defined broadly, are everywhere. We will look at the good, the bad and the ugly and see where Lisp excels.

The world is buzzing with the idea of teaching everyone to program. Sometimes we create simpler languages and environments for learning but if we constrain them too much we can impoverish the learner.

For scientists we have R, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab etc - but how easy is it to build a web service, run Hadoop jobs, read files in some obscure format or talk to a datastore? Better to give them a productive environment to solve their problems quickly, with the full power of Clojure when they need.

We have a bunch of great embeddings already in Clojure: logic, stats, datalog, CSP - Let’s build more and not trap people in DSL Hell.

Click through to find out more about Netlogo and Geomlab.


Escaping DSL hell by having parenthesis all the way down

Tom Hall

Doing a mixture of Dev and Ops that might be called DevOps. Tom is a mathematician, theatre fan, occasional mountaineer, part time runner, thoroughly nice chap and available in fine bookstores everywhere.