Proxies before proxies: The hidden gems of Javascript AOP

23rd October 2014 in London at Kings Place

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Tired of console.logging your way through applications? Want a way to slice through your application without adding complexity? AOP has been the answer to these questions for object oriented languages, such as Java and C#, but is not available in Javascript. ScarletJS(https://github.com/scarletjs/scarlet) is a project that tackles AOP using a clean, fluent, performant interface.

The ScarletJS project provides Javascript developers a different way of thinking about traditional javascript problems. The project is still growing and looking into the future of what ES6 proxies will open up to the Javascript community.

The talk will highlight the problems that javascript developers face with logging application behavior, security, and more. It will discuss the benefits of identifying a cross cutting concern, and programming using aspects. The talk will highlight how thinking about a project and cross cutting concerns can lead to cleaner more SOLID code. It will also discuss the future of ES6 proxies and the benefits that they will bring.


Proxies before proxies: The hidden gems of Javascript AOP

Tim Chaplin

Tim Chaplin is one of those developers that burn the candle on both ends. During the day working for a fortune 100 company and in the evening perfecting his craft through contributing and distributing open source software, writing, and constantly looking for ways to increase his knowledge of technology and the world.