Bringing Hardware to Life with JS and Node

23rd October 2014 in London at Kings Place

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Come see JavaScript hardware hacking in action. This talk demos a few applications of the Tessel microcontroller, which leverages the power of Node to connect to existing APIs. What happens when you connect Twilio to a sensor? Use Meteor.JS to measure real-world data? Move physical things in response to console commands? Come find out how easy it can be to make hardware talk to the web.


Bringing Hardware to Life with JS and Node

Kelsey Breseman

Kelsey is an engineer and the director of community at Technical Machine making Tessel, a Javascript-programmable microcontroller. She likes brains, prosthetics, speculative fiction, circus arts, really, really long walks, and giving people superpowers. She is also a neural engineer and has a degree in neural engineering from Olin College.