Fun and Profit within the Evil Empire: Scala in Finance

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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You don’t take a job in finance to explore the boundaries of type theory. But perhaps you should. Brush the boilerplate and bureaucracy away, and banking offers plenty of fun challenges.

Herein lies the problem: how can you focus more on the good stuff? We will present some tools written in Scala that help you get dull tasks out of the way quicker. We use this arsenal to support live production systems, to manage byzantine release bureaucracy, and to test inter-process workflows.

To keep things interesting and concise, we’ll present this as a series of very short talks, with a break for questions after each one. We hope you will begin to see a common ethos linking the talks, as well as seeing some useful tools, written in Scala, aimed at Scala developers.


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Fun and Profit within the Evil Empire: Scala in Finance

Chris Agmen-Smith

Chris has served the last ten years of his programming career in finance, as an agile developer and occasional team lead. He started learning Scala at the previous bank, and hopes to continue learning it at the next two or three. Then he wants to retire.

Franck Rasolo

Franck is a pragmatic software architect, developer, and mentor with over 15 years of solid commercial experience of delivering working software systems for investment banking and media clients in London. He is currently working on a strategic Scala project at one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations.

Paul Allton

Paul has been doing agile development for over 14 years, largely in finance, with varying degrees of success. He has high levels of gumption for automated testing, rather less so for bureaucracy.