Playing with Scala: Moving Children into Scala and Play at the BBC

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this talk Gary will discuss the process of BBC Future Media Children's adoption of Scala and Play. The BBC is changing. The way they produce content is changing, the way their audience consumes content is changing. To ensure BBC Future Media Children’s continues to deliver innovation at scale for both CBBC and CBeebies audiences the mindset needed to change.

Historically BBC projects are generally a combination of centrally managed PHP front end and Java Web Service backend systems. This talk will discuss how our previous technology stack was not fit for the future and how Scala and Play offered a solution for that future. Sometimes we need to reinvent the wheel. By getting management behind us, running successful recruitment campaigns and various staff training techniques this talk will discuss how the responsive future of the BBC Children’s websites are taking shape and built around a centre of excellence for Scala in the north.

This talk should be of interest to anyone looking to facilitate change within their organisation. This talk should be of particular interest to anyone who is part of, or leading a team that is transitioning to Scala.

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Playing with Scala: Moving Children into Scala and Play at the BBC

Gary Higham

Gary is the Development Lead for Future Media Children's at the BBC. His current role focusses on leading Children's development teams into a reactive responsive future.